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Thanks to all who attended to the Scorsese show last weekend in NYC. It was a huge success! For those who couldn’t make it and still want a copy of my No Direction Home poster, they’re a few still available at Spoke Art’s store right now.


I’m sorry, I just realize that I made a mistake on my last post. I meant posters will be available on Friday, April 26th ! for online viewing and purchase through the Spoke Art website.


Dylan is God to me, and I don’t like to use his name in vain. But I thought that the upcoming “Scorsese: an art show tribute” would be a good opportunity to create a devotional poster about him.  Presented by Spoke Art, the show will be hosted at Bold Hype Gallery in New York City. I hope New Yorkers like this artwork that tries to show Macdougal street the way it looked in the 60‘s, where it all began. For those who don’t like the city, there’s a colder rural image if you turn the poster upside down. Nevertheless, the concept is redundant in both pictures: No direction home (which is by the way the name of the movie that inspired this poster).

The original idea was to attach a small engine in the back of the poster, to spin the image every 30 seconds, but unfortunately it was out of our budget and it would’ve been uneasy to deliver. You will have to do it manually, I’m afraid.

Scorsese: an art show tribute
Friday, April 19th – Sunday, April 21st
hosted at Bold Hype Gallery, NYC

If you can’t make it to the opening, posters will be available on Friday, April 19th for online viewing and purchase through the Spoke Art website.