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Thanks to everyone who likes this poster and thanks to everyone who get the chance to buy a copy! I’m afraid it won’t be a second edition, I’m sorry for those who couldn’t get one. But new posters are on their way!


In 1978 my father took me as an excuse to go see that movie about silly robots and spaceships that everybody was talking about. I didn’t get much at that time, since I was very young, but what I do remember well is how much I enjoyed beginning my first geeky action figures collection that came right after the movie. My first figure ever was Luke Skywalker, a figure that got lost over the years. I’m still looking for it on my parent’s attic. Where are you Luke Skywalker?

With the time I became a fan, of course. As homage to that great moment of my life, here’s a new poster featuring (almost) every character of the first Star Wars trilogy in order of appearance. It is of course limited and numbered. If you want a copy, this link will take you to Spoke Art Gallery’s online shop where you can easily order one and receive it at your front door. We gave the mailmen specific orders to be dressed as Storm troopers during delivery, but they didn’t take it so well, so they probably won’t.






Written by award-winning critic Matt Zoller Seitz, introduced by Pulitzer Prize writer Michael Chabon, published by Abrams, illustrated by yours truly, The Wes Anderson Collection is the book that every cinematography enthusiast should have among his ne plus ultra book collection. Especially if he or she is, like myself, a vehement admirer of Wes Anderson’s oeuvre. So, if you are one too, I highly recommend you to get a copy, you won’t regret it. Read more about the book here.


Below are some images of my contribution. Some of them have been already offered as limited editions of posters, some others are about to come, as always via Spoke Art.